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Only 3 Things You Need for the Perfect Home Gym!

Before COVID-19 hit, before lockdown, self-isolation or before any of us even knew what Zoom was, many people already began turning their spaces into fitness sanctuaries. With big names like Peloton and The Mirror making way into people's homes, fitness equipment sales increased by 170% after "Stay at Home" orders were issued around the nation. It can definitely make one uneasy not knowing if gyms will make a comeback, but besides the social gathering and fancy tools, exercise is more than accessible from our homes and without breaking the bank on big brand equipment. See some of our other articles and videos for at home workouts that don't require anything except your body but if you want to amplify your workouts, see below what are our favorite gadgets are to help. Be sure to check out Strength & Toning on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with Mikey on Zoom.

1. Stability/Swiss Exercise Ball

The stability ball is seen in almost every gym because it can be functional so many muscles. Ab exercises, arm routines and wall sits get a whole new meaning with this accessory. Also great for yoga modifications or adjustments for balance. Most purchases come with an easy, ready to use pump and can be stored simply by deflating. Shop for yours on Google.

2. Resistance Bands/Power Loops

The power loop is basically a giant rubber band that will turn bodyweight exercises into ass kicking resistance workouts. Personal trainer Massy Arias swears by them for any level of fitness as sizes can range from easily stretchable to super tight. Just like the stability ball, bands can target a variety of muscles creating more challenges and endless variations. Shop for yours on Google.

3. Pull up bar

Depending on the type of investment you want to make, this item can vary from easy to install just slap on the doorway to long term drill in the walls of your hallway. Personally, I went for the latter but as long as you can safely hold yourself up and dangle, you're in good hands. Hanging is one of the greatest strengths we lose as we get older because face it, our boss isn't letting us climb the jungle gym during lunch break. An investment in a pull-up bar is an investment for your health as these easy to store devices can help improve vital core and upper body strength. Shop for yours on Google.

Remember, quality products may be a bit more costly but are worth the investment. Be sure to read reviews for product reliability and useful information before making your purchase. Be aware that when ordering online, it can take some time to deliver so make sure you get exactly what you want. We hope this article helped gives you insight for your future home gym. Stay happy and stay healthy amigos!

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