Who is Mikey Budd?

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Slicker than your average yogi, Mikey Budd is well known for blending his chill yoga lifestyle into dope conscious raps. The born and raised Jersey boy has always advocated for healthy living but began making music about it professionally after college and relocating to California. Apart from being a hybrid rapper of East and West Coast culture, Mikey is in fact a trained yoga instructor, published author and experienced poet. His gift for rhyming about mindfulness, love and world awareness is truly one a 'woke' audience will appreciate. 

Since his youth, Mikey has always seen it as his civic duty to help those underserved and less privileged than he is.  After receiving his Yoga Teacher Certification from Rishikesh Yog Peeth in India, Mikey joined Yoga Gives Back; a non-profit organization that helps impoverished women and children in India receive education, as a means to thank the country where he received his knowledge of yoga. Although Budd's lyrics are based on mindful living it was witnessing the harsh realities of poverty and inequality around the world that inspired the hip-hop yogi to write powerful, thought provoking messages in his music. After questioning things like systemic racism, brainwashing commercialism and more, he turned to the streets to spread education and health without the greedy capitalistic gain but instead give people the tools and knowledge to take care of themselves. Budd continues to teach accessible fitness classes to all while still creating music that gets you going when you've hit rock bottom. His old school, funky vibe about togetherness and positivity will have you believing in yourself, humanity and ideas like changing the system. Rappers like Common, Tupac and Nas paved the way for Mikey’s lyrics which include philosophies of Idealism, Buddhism and a quest for social justice.

What is Yogi Buddz All About?


Yogi Buddz is a group of fitness professionals founded by Mikey Budd. These instructors provide inclusive and accessible health programs both online and in person to all while spreading awareness for those in need. 50% of each monthly membership benefits a variety of nonprofits helping everyone from the homeless to the animals. Imagine if we took one dollar from every person in the world's gym membership? That's over a billion dollars that could change the world. A few of the organizations that we contribute to can be seen above.