Slicker than your average yogi, Mikey Budd is well known for blending his chill yoga lifestyle into dope conscious raps. The born and raised Jersey boy has always advocated for healthy living but began making music about it professionally after college and relocating to California. Apart from being a hybrid rapper of East and West Coast culture, Mikey is in fact a trained yoga instructor, published author and experienced poet. His gift for rhyming about mindfulness, self-love and awareness is truly one a conscious audience will appreciate.


While living in Los Angeles, Mikey was influenced to backpack to India where he studied yoga and lived minimally in an ashram for over a month. It was during this time where he was even more influenced by his surroundings. Although Budd's lyrics are based on mindful living it was witnessing the harsh realities of poverty and inequality in the world that inspired the hip-hop yogi to write powerful, thought provoking messages in his music. At the same time, keep people motivated through their rock bottom moments and never believe we can’t change the system. Rappers like Common, Tupac and Nas paved the way for Mikey’s lyrics which include philosophies of Idealism, Buddhism and a quest for social justice.