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The Ultimate Plank Workout

Doing a plank exercise once a day, everyday can have your abs going from hell no to hello in less than a year! It's arguably one of the simplest exercises to build fundamental core strength but let's face it, as you get stronger, staring at the ground longer and longer becomes about as enticing as watching grass grow and to be honest, that feels more entertaining sometimes. Tech companies have even created distracting gizmos like the Stealth to improve you and your plank's quality time. An ab-tastic entertainment system lets you watch the news, play games and even read all while challenging your core with a variety of different movements. But let's say you're sick of looking at screens plus you're good on spending $250, then the following plank variations are just what you need to keep your planks challenging and entertaining!

Week 1

Try to hold plank for one full minute on hands or forearms.

Week 2

Isolated hand/foot raises adding more bodyweight. 15 seconds each between upper and lower body. Switch to forearm plank and repeat.

Week 3

Opposite arm/leg extensions alternating for 30 seconds. Switch to forearm plank and repeat.

Week 4

Full combination circuit: 10 seconds for each exercise. Start with static plank, then move to hand raises, followed by foot raises. and finishing withy arm/leg extensions. Repeat the same circuit on the forearms.

* Modifications *

- Use your knees to help build strength

- Rotate pinkies slightly outward for wrist adjustments

Each week you become stronger, continue to add 5 seconds on for each variation in the full combo circuit until your core can't take any more! Good luck Yogi Buddz!

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