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Killer Cardio Routine for Stronger Running

On August 3rd, 1936, Jesse Owens set the world record for 100 meters dash at the Berlin Olympics clocking in at 10.3 seconds. The world changed that day as he disproved the racist rhetoric of Hitler and went on to win 3 more gold medals that summer. Owens set inspiration for many of track's later greats such as Usain Bolt by demonstrating more than just physical power in his accomplishments. While you've got time to train at home, put your power and speed to the test with this routine in honor of Jesse Owens. You'll be surprised that these three exercises alone can immensely improve your sprint, but tread lightly because this workout will take a lot of mental toughness.

No equipment needed except maybe a kettlebell, medicine ball or if you need to improvise try something like a heavy book bag.

Exercise 1 - Kneel to Squat

Starting in a kneeling position, begin to move your legs out in front of you and into a squat position. Continue to keep your hips low the entire time. Make sure the same leg that brings you up brings you down.

30 seconds Right/Left

Repeat each side 2x

Exercise 2 - Power Skips

Take a high lunge position with one foot back and the other forward. Position your arms so that it looks almost as if you're midway running. Drive the long leg forward to bring your knee up to your chest and then step to the far back position. Add a skip for more challenge

30 seconds Right/Left

Repeat each side 2x

Exercise 3 - Dumbbell/Kettlebell Squat hold & Pulse

Begin in standing with your weight in hands, then drop down almost as if you were doing a deadlift. Hold your position when your thighs become parallel to the floor. After 20 seconds of holding begin to pulse your sit bones up and down moving very minimally.

20 sec hold/20 sec pulse

Repeat 3x for 1 round

Repeat each exercise set 3 times for a full workout. Don't forget you can also create time goals to challenge your heart rate and help you move faster (i.e. - Get 20 power skips in 20 seconds.) Best of luck!

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