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5 DAY WELLNESS  & Adventure retreat

with Mikey Budd & Noel Teubner

Mikey Budd in collaboration with Tulum Wellness Academy, have carefully and lovingly crafted this experience to offer a beautiful opportunity in returning to your true self.  Mental health seemed more manageable before all the screens and constant negative news. That's why we're determined to return to a sacred connection between body, energetic alignment, time in nature, clean eating, movement, deep connection to oneself and others, inner reflection, ritual, ceremony and more. With the backdrop of a breathtaking beach and the incredible charm of Tulum, you will experience life truly living in the moment. 



Daily yoga classes & workshops

Learn alternative methods to relaxation

Create clarity in your vision and what you seek in life

Accelerated growth and a global tribe of brilliant minds that come together like family

Develop practices and tools to continue empowering healthy living in your daily life after

Better sleep practices for creativity and motivation

Leave knowing you gave back to the community

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What Makes This Retreat Different?

The connections made will go so much deeper than one could ever imagine. Today's world can be very disconnected with little or almost no eye contact, the need to do everything from home and so many distractions. Between constantly living in fear of the future or sulking in regrets of the past, it has become more difficult for us humans every day. Eventually becoming lost souls led by other lost souls on the internet looking for guidance to happiness. The more followers and likes, the more faith we put into happiness and that's a false reality.


We will host an intimate group of individuals who are truly looking to live in the moment for the weekend choosing adventure over an iPad and a deep conversation instead of a snap chat. While most getaways consist of healthy meals and fun activities, our vision is that and so much more. As conscious individuals, we plan to help the local citizens for a day, thanking them for welcoming us with open arms and hospitality on this beautiful private beach. Enjoy daily yoga and lots of free time for you to explore.

Disconnect to reconnect

No social media for the weekend

Limited technology and cell use (emergencies okay)

Private property that is one with nature, and doesn't destroy it

Give back to the community

Balance of health and fun :)

About Mikey Budd: Lead Instructor

Mikey's love for yoga began in 2013 and was solidified in 2015 after receiving his first teacher training certification. In 2016, he traveled to India where he studied yoga and meditation for over a month and received his Hatha Yoga certification. With over 4 years of teaching experience, Mikey now hosts hip-hop yoga classes in Los Angeles, incorporating traditions of the East while playing fun loud music of the West.  His vision began based on experience, that if people could hold an uncomfortable posture while listening to Tupac, they may end up meditating without even knowing it. The purpose of yoga isn't to create an exclusive culture, it's to help people find the skill to chill . Volunteering is a very important detail to Mikey. As someone who considers himself "privileged" to teach yoga in the west, Mikey has made a mission to use his skills not only as a career move but to help give back to those with less opportunity.

"Yoga changed my life, literally, I wouldn't have a job if I never found it. If I can help one person do the same or something even better with it, I want to give it to the underdog. Someone gave me the chance, so it's only right I do the same."

Mikey's love for social work has been a part of his journey since childhood. With luxury hotels being built over more and more sacred land each year, he has carefully selected Naga Casa because of its unity with nature and care for the environment.  Join him and other amazing individuals in an experience that feels as rewarding as it does relaxing.


Noel Teubner: Second Instructor

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